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About Placemaking Week (PMW) Nairobi 2022

About Placemaking Nairobi

About Placemaking Week (PMW) Nairobi 2022

Public spaces are what make cities. That’s where we meet to connect, relax, play, experience art and culture, express our democratic rights and also commute. Without vibrant public spaces, cities are practically dead. Public spaces include streets, parks, parklets, forests, rivers/lakes, beaches and banks of water bodies, city squares, and every other place open to the public.


Unfortunately, for many reasons, Nairobi’s public spaces are fast disappearing. However, a loose coalition of organizations has come together to collaborate in reclaiming and reviving public spaces in Nairobi to make the city more clean, green, safe, vibrant, inclusive, and livable. These interventions are called “Placemaking” and the coalition is known as “Placemaking Nairobi”.


The organizations work in a wide variety of areas. These include:


  • Regeneration of public spaces to make them cleaner, greener, and sustainable

  • Promoting safety and security in public spaces

  • Promoting good quality, affordable and eco-friendly urban transport

  • Nurturing art, culture, and sports


This is a loose coalition of organizations. Any organization can join the Placemaking Nairobi Network.

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